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Be careful who you invite into your home...

Gage isn't sure about his new roommate. Liam is a green-haired saxophonist with no fashion sense and a regrettably pale complexion. But at least he's quiet, pays his rent in cash, and doesn't make a mess in Gage's kitchen.

Then again, it's possible Liam is totally and completely irresistible underneath his mysterious jeans and hoodie. On Halloween night, Gage sets out to push his roommate's boundaries and find out the truth about why the man is so secretive.

But some secrets have teeth. And roommate agreements really ought to have a Living Dead clause.

An incubus makes a terrible boyfriend. But then, so does a fairy.

David is the last of his family, the end result of a long proud line of fey. Left to the care of his thousand-year-old “grandmother,” David was raised to love the earth and value his fey heritage – and to despise the human blood destined to rob him of the near-immortality his ancestors enjoyed. Caught between two opposing natures, David has done his best to survive. He’s used his good fey looks to build a career for himself as a fashion model in the ultra-modern metropolis of New Berlin. But as he ages, that career begins to stumble. At twenty-six, David is terrified that his human blood is about to betray him, and he’s fighting that fear the only way he knows how.

With pills, booze, and denial. And with Connor Wroth, his lifelong best friend, who just happens to be a rock star and an incubus.

On one hand, Connor is flamboyantly famous, a demon who survives by consuming the lustful energy of others. On the other, he’s the one person David has always been able to depend on. And if their friendship happens to include great sex, well, that’s not hurting anyone.

The trouble is, Connor isn’t sure he wants to be friends anymore. He’s been head over heels for David since they were teens, and he’s tired of watching David throw himself away over a futile quest for perfection. Especially when Connor knows David is already perfect the way he is.

So Connor hatches the perfect plan to get himself invited into David’s home as a houseguest, to get closer than close and turn their friendship into something much more.

And to prove that while he might be sleeping with half the city, there’s only one man in it he really gives a damn about.

It's been two years since Eric's lover disappeared without a trace. He's finally managed to move on, mostly by burying himself in work. That is, hunting down rogue werewolves. But he never did figure out how to forget the first and only love of his life. And he's never stopped feeling guilty for what he believes was his part in Jackson's death.

Only Jackson isn't dead.

When Eric's latest hunting assignment brings him to his old hometown, the place where he first fell in love with Jackson, he finds his high school sweetheart waiting for him, with one big problem: Jackson is a werewolf.

Torn between duty and love, Eric has one night to decide if he can stand to lose his lover again... by firing a silver bullet into his heart.

When Rain answers an employment ad for a magician's assistant, he gets far more than he bargained for. 'Seeking,' the advertisement reads, 'a discreet young man to assist master magician in live performances. Apply in person...' But this magician is no charlatan. His magic is as cold and real as he is, and twice as deadly. Desperate for the job, Rain submits to a trial by blade and magic. But the lesson each man can teach the other may ultimately be a lesson neither is prepared to learn. Desire, submission, and the darkness of the heart...

Danny has suspected from the moment they met that he might be in love with Jeff. But not only is the guitarist of his rock band straight--he's happily married. Or so Danny believes, until he risks exposing his feelings and discovers the extent of Jeff's self-denial and unhappiness. Now both Danny and Jeff must decide how much their new relationship means to them, and if it's worth all the pain it comes along with.

Told over the span of eight years, The Far Away Years is a story of love, pain, addiction, and two flawed men learning to fight for their happily ever after.

Dave isn't the type to spill out secret confessions, especially when his biggest secret is that fact that he's in love with a man he can never have. His bandmate Corey might be gorgeous, sexually ambiguous, and occasionally sweet... but more often he's shallow, petty, immature, and incapable of faithfulness.

Corey is the one destructive habit Dave has sworn never to take up. But when a drunken confrontation leads to all hell breaking loose, nothing between them will ever be the same.

Tequila Angel is an erotic short about love, obsession, and finding the light in dark places.